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Car Leasing for Businesses

business car leasing

Car leasing is becoming increasingly popular in Cyprus the last years. After Covid-19 and the increase in product prices, people and businesses are approaching cheaper and more efficient solutions. When leasing a car, you get to drive one, without having ownership. Each month you pay a fixed amount, and you have the car in your possession for a specific period, until you reach a certain number of miles.

Car leasing is mainly arranged through a dealership, and you are not financed by a bank. But car leasing monthly payments are low. This factor increases consumer confidence and businesses are consumers too. As a result, is highly likely for an organization to lease a car for their employees than buy it. But what are the overall benefits of car leasing for business?

Firstly, you have a new, shiny car as often as your leasing contract lasts. Essentially, this car is the image of your company that you project to the world. And as any potential car leasing customer you have access to new and advanced car models.

These new models have improved safety features and high-end technology. In addition, a respectable leasing company always includes in their lease, at least, a third-party insurance plan. As a result, there is increased staff safety. Moreover, the leasing company is responsible for the administrative and technical requirements e.g., MOT or maintenance services of the car saving you and your business time and costs. 

In any case, there are no hidden fees. All costs are forthright. This opportunity is cutting down your expenses and creates room for investing your money in employee management or other aspects of your company. Car leasing increases your cash flow. This worry-free plan can lift weights off you, so you can focus on what you do best.

It is clear, that when buying a car, your investment is depreciating within the next few years. Whereas car leasing is free of depreciation. The car is returned to its owner, and you can lease a newer, more efficient vehicle. 

Usually, car leasing companies offer 2 leasing plans. One which is fixed and the other which is more flexible. You can choose which one suits your business needs and make a tailored-made choice for your organization.

Make sure to choose car leasing today for a hassle-free experience. The success of your employees is your business’s success. Look no further and reach out to Car Leasing in Cyprus.