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The Benefits of Car Leasing in Cyprus

benefits of car leasing in cyprus

Car leasing in Cyprus is best for those who want to drive a vehicle without any considerable financial commitments upfront. When you lease a car, you are basically renting it for a long period. This means that when your lease is up, you just have to return the car. Here you can learn about the benefits of car leasing in Cyprus.

More Affordable

Leasing a car is much more affordable than buying one. When you buy a car, you are responsible for the entire cost. On the contrary, when you lease a car in Cyprus, you are only responsible for the depreciation costs of the car during the lease term. In addition, leased vehicles are usually covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, thus you do not have to worry about any unexpected expenses.


Once your lease is up, you can simple return the vehicle, choose your next car, and sign a new lease. Simple as that!

Maintenance and Repair Coverage

Your car lease may cover all maintenance issues and any repairs that might be needed.

Plenty of Choices

Leasing a car in Cyprus gives you the chance to choose the vehicle that best fits your lifestyle. You also get a chance to drive the car of your dreams, without having to buy it.

Drive a New Car Every Few Years

Car leasing allows you to have a new car every few years. When your lease is up, you can return the car and get a new one with a new lease. You can drive the best of the best without having to buy a car. Additionally, car leasing gives you the opportunity to drive a more luxurious and expensive vehicle that you might not be able to afford otherwise.

Simple Process

Car leasing is a simple and very easy process. All you need to do is choose the car you want, get a quote, sign your contract, and get your car.

If you are interested in Car Leasing in Cyprus, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out our extensive fleet of cars and find the most suitable choice for you.