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The Top Questions to Ask When Leasing a Car

top questions to ask when leasing a car

Car leasing has become a great solution for many drivers out there in Cyprus who want to drive a new vehicle but also are not interested in committing to it or purchasing it. But before signing the lease agreement it’s important to ask the right questions and ensure that you are getting the best possible deal and you understand all the agreements. So, here you can learn what are the top questions to ask when leasing a car.

What is the total cost of the lease?

One of the most essential questions you will have to make before signing is the total cost of the leasing. This will include any fees, taxes and the monthly lease over the decided period.

What is the mileage limit?

Many leasing companies have mileage limits. When the driver exceeds the limit then they will need to pay extra fees. So, make sure to ask the dealer about the mileage limit and arrange the agreement upon your needs.

top questions to ask when leasing a car

What is the lease term?

The lease term indicates the length of time you will be leasing the car. It’s extremely important to know this so you can plan your budget accordingly regarding your monthly payments.

What happens at the end of the lease?

When the car leasing period is over, you will have to return the car back to the dealer. So, make sure to ask the dealer what are your options after the end of the agreement, whether you could buy the car or lease another one.

What are the maintenance requirements?

You will also have to know about the maintenance requirements that you will need to follow. Make sure that you will ask the dealer if maintaining the car is up to them or if there are additional fees associated with the maintenance.

What is the insurance requirement?

Most leasing companies require you to have a very specific type of insurance coverage. So, you will have to make sure that you ask about the insurance requirements and if they can recommend any insurance providers.

Leasing a car is a complicated process but nothing to be afraid of. Make sure to ask the above questions before signing the lease agreement, so you can make sure that you are getting the best deal while at the same time, you will know exactly everything there is to know about the process of leasing your car. Get in contact with Car Leasing in Cyprus and learn more information.